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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Lovers

I wanted to apologize to all my followers about not being around for so many months.  I had been going trough a lot of emotional and financial issues.  I have the financial issue taken care of but I have some things to still deal with on the emotional level.  So I am back now and will do the best I can to post to my blogs daily!

The card for today is the following:

The Lovers (Reversed)

This shows that you are so in love with someone that you don't know if you are coming or going with this person.  You know that you want to be with this person but something doesn't quite feel right to you about this person.  You trust them but you may possibly feel like they are hiding something or aren't being straight with you on some level.

It is saying to trust that (your instinct) BUT not to forget that there is always reasons for something that they maybe not being forth coming about.  It shows that with it being reversed that you will have to make a very emotional decision about this person/situation.

It shows that even if there is that thing that you feel is off, it may mean that you have to also follow what it is that you need to be true to yourself.  So if you can't deal with what it is that they come forward with, make sure to just trust your instinct on how to handle the situation!

Hope you enjoyed this and made sense!  Until next time!

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