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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello Tarot Draw Anyone??

Eight of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deckImage via Wikipedia Ok here is the tarot card for tonight everyone!!  :D  It is the following:

Eight of wands (celtic dragon tarot)

This cards means movement and urgency.  This is saying to make sure to move on something that you have been wanting to do DON'T wait any longer to do it!!  DON'T wait to put it off.  The longer you put it off the more that you want/main thing that you want will either take longer or POSSIBLY not happen at all! 

So whatever it is you are planning and WANTING to do just do it and don't look back and main thing DON'T HAVE ANY REGRETS!!!  You are doing this all for the right reasons and you yourself know this..dont' let what others say or think or feel TRY and talk you out of it ok, just go for the GUSTO!! 

This card was very expressive tonight for me to let SOMEONE know to certainly follow what they were planning on following and don't look back, so I hope that someone really TAKES heed to what it is talking about k!!
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