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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The angel card for today

English: Chamuel (Camael) with Cupid, it is sa...
English: Chamuel (Camael) with Cupid, it is said that Camael is the leader of Cupid, they are both a team, referring to camael as the love Angel, and even Archangel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I wanted to share with you all the angel card for today!  It is the following:


The Archangel Sandalphon is saying your prayers have been heard and answered.  Have faith.

This card shows that something that you have been praying about DAILY and on a very important subject to you is saying, you HAVE been heard and it is saying to have the faith that it WILL come to pass.

We just have to remember that it is on GOD'S time that it happens and not our own time!  You just have to wait and have the faith that you WERE heard and that you WERE answered!  You will see the results to your prayers very soon!  Just hang in there!

Ok I hope someone got the meaning of this for themselves and that it helped!  Until next time!
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