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Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello!! The angel draw for tonight...

Angel 013
Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)
The angel card for the night is the following:

Gifts from God

The Archangel Sandalphon is saying we angels bring you gifts from your creator.  Open your arms to receive.

The angel is telling us to open our minds and hearts to what is being shown to you, as they truly are coming from our creator.  God wants what is best for us no matter what and he gives us what is needed for us to succeed in life.

Our gifts can be of the spiritual nature, or doctors, physician, artists, musicians, teachers, Nobel Prize writer, or whatever the gift God has given us, the point is to OPEN up and RECEIVE this and don't block it!

Ok until next time everyone!  I hope this made sense to someone out there!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tarot tonight anyone??!!

Ten of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck
Ten of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hello all!  Just wanted to share the tarot card of the night with you!!  It is the following:

Ten of Wands

This card is in the reversed position.  It means struggles and competitions.  This shows that your trying everything and anything to climb up out of that ditch and hole that you find yourself in.  You are so desperate to find out WHY you are still going through these struggles.

It shows that you will soon be able to find out WHY this is still going on, and be able to kick whoever OR whatever it is that is causing you this OUT of your life.

As it shows that the person or things (jobs/situations) causing this, REALLY isn't worth all the stress and hopeless feelings that you are having at the present time.

So be prepared, to be READY to take control, when you finally see these things for what they truly are!  They are just blocks standing in your way for you to be TRULY what YOU want to be and NOT what anyone else wants you to be!!  It is like a constant struggle to always do what YOU want to do and others just be like, hey this is how I want things, and that is how it is going to be!  It won't be like that any longer as I said, because you will find that strength not to have these burdens anymore!!

Ok until next time and I hope this REALLY made sense to someone out there, I truly do!!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hey all!!! Angel draw for tonight....

Archangel Michael with archangels Raphael and ...
Archangel Michael with archangels Raphael and Gabriel, as they accompany Tobias, by Francesco Botticini, 1470 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just wanted to share the following card for you all tonight it is the following:


The Archangel Raguel is saying notice your recurring physical and emotional feelings, as they signify Divine guidance.

The angel is saying to make sure to pay CLOSE attention to your surroundings, as they are trying to tell you things.  Listen to nature and your feelings AND especially listen to what DIVINE GOD is telling you.

So when you find yourself wondering what your doing or why you are going a different direction, that is BECAUSE you are being directed to go this way, so you can SEE and HEAR what you are being told!  If you feel your feelings strongly, DON'T let them go and over look them as THEY are telling you something that you NEED to know!

Ok until next time!  I hope someone got what was needed out of this one!!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello!!! Wanting to share...

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...
Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wanted to share with you all the tarot card for tonight!!!  It was the following:

The Moon

This card is in the reversed position and means dreams and intuitions. This shows me that you have been dreaming lately about things to come or things to help you with your life, as in finances, love, health etc.

The moon shows that you are needing to listen to what these dreams are telling you as they are to HELP you and not HINDER you.  The moon will also help you to increase your psychic side and spiritual side as well.

If others have deterred you in listening to your own gift or ability, it is saying that you need to, as of now, CONCENTRATE on them, as they as well as God, will help you with all the you need in your life and will guide you to the next phase of your life with all the good things to come!

Just pay close attention and all will come together!  Hope someone gets help out of this card and until next time!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The angel draw for tonight...

Look at Earth from the Heaven
Look at Earth from the Heaven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The angel card for tonight is the following:

Hello from Heaven

The Archangel Azrael is saying your loved ones in heaven are doing fine.  Let go of your worries and feel their loving blessings.

The angel and GOD is reassuring us that those that we have loved and lost is right where they need to be now.  The angel is telling us not to stress or worry about them any longer, that they truly are HAPPIER where they are, and in a much better place then they were when they were among us!

GOD and the angel is also saying to feel their love around us each time we have a struggle that we don't feel we can handle on our own.  They will help us (our loved ones) with a loving blessing that we will certainly feel.  We can hold on to that feeling every time we are missing them!  So certainly let go of the fear that they aren't well up in heaven and that they feel lost without us around them.  They want you to know they are STILL constantly around us so there is no need to worry about them!!

I really hope that this gave someone some peace for a great loss that they have felt from losing a very close loved one.  Just know that this person that you miss so badly is WANTING you to be happy and MOVE ON from the worries and stress that you have where they are concerned!!  Ok until next time everyone!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The tarot card for tonight....

Six of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck
Six of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The card for tonight is the following:

Six of Wands

This card means success after hard work.  This shows that you WILL have success after you put all your hard work into what you have been doing and then some.  So don't think that your effort is not paying off because it IS paying off, and you will soon see the rewards from all of your efforts!

This card also shows victory over what you have been having struggles with on this particular venture that you have been working so hard on.  So be happy with the results that are going to be coming your way here very soon!

Okay until next time!!  Hope this made sense to someone out there!!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Angel card for tonight...

Song of the Angels by William Bouguereau, 1881.
Song of the Angels by William Bouguereau, 1881. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just coming to you all tonight to share the angel card for the evening!!  It was the following:

Career Transition

The Archangel Chamuel is saying, your life purpose is triggering a blessed career change.

The angel is saying that now is the time for you to see what your life purpose was/is all about!  They are watching guide over you for you to finally set on the path that your meant to be on.

You probably haven't felt like you quite belong at your job that you have now, feeling like something was missing and you were bound for something more, something greater. You are correct in that thought process!

So be prepared for your BLESSED start to your new career path.  It will be something that you have been longing for and wanting to do for a very long time.  So that is your life's work even if you haven't been doing exactly that!

Okay I hope that someone got some peace out of this card and know that your headed for a very good point in your life, and until next time!!

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